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- General Information

    Study Duration and Tuition Fee

    Study duration: 2 years (4 semesters)
    Tuition fee: 68000 RMB

    Credits and Courses

    Credits: 34 including 2 for Chinese History and Culture, 9 for compulsory courses, 15 for optional courses, 2 for practice and 6 for dissertation. 1 credit=18 study hour. The students should have more than 3 courses but less than 5 courses.

    Courses: 9 courses for the first semester and 10 courses for the second.

    Semester Curriculum Type Credits Total Credits
    I Basic Chinese optional 2 20
    Ecological Modeling optional 3
    Environmental Biotechnology: principles and applications optional 3

    Atmospheric Environmental Chemistry

    optional 3
    Environmental Health Risk Analysis optional 3
    Environmental Statistics optional 3
    Landscape Ecology optional 3
    Chinese History and Culture compulsory 2 5
    Restoration Ecology and International Conservation compulsory 3
    II Strategic Environmental Assessment compulsory 3 6
    Environmental Economics compulsory 3
    Ecosystem Assessment and Management optional 3 24
    Water Quality Modeling optional 3
    Industrial Ecology optional 3
    Conversation Biology optional 3
    River and Costal Pollution optional 3
    Urban Remote Sensing optional 3
    The Economics of Natural Resourses optional 3
    Membrane Technology and Applications optional 3
    III Dissertation Proposal compulsory 0 2
    Practice compulsory 2
    IV Thesis compulsory 6 6

    Chinese courses: Though all the courses are taught in English, students are supposed to have a Chinese language test at the beginning in order for a better research skill in China . Students getting the Basic level or below in the test are asked to have an An easy approach to Chinese course which are taught in the first semester.

    Students are required to complete the basic and degree curriculum with qualifying grades.
    A proposal presenting plan for dissertation research before September in 3rd semester.
    The dissertation should be written in Chinese or English with 40-60 pages in total includes a 1000-3000-word summary in Chinese.


    Tuition Fee
    Master RMB 49,000 pre year
    RMB 98,000 in total (About $ 17,970)
    Accommodation Fee
    Liyun Apartment: No.3 International Students Dormitory(B)
    Single Room RMB 140 to RMB 95
    Studio RMB 140 to RMB 95
    Liyun Apartment: No.1 International Students Dormitory (A)
    Double Room RMB 40 to RMB 50
    Single Room RMB 55 to RMB 75
    Liyun Apartment: No.2 International Students Dormitory (F)
    Double Room RMB 120 to RMB 65
    Single Room RMB 120 to RMB 80
    XinSong Apartment
    Double Room RMB 120 to RMB 75
    Lan Hui Apartment
    Double Room RMB 120 to RMB 60
    Other Fees
    Application Fee RMB 350 to RMB 600
    Service Fee USD 50
    Living Expense RMB 2,200 to RMB 2,800
- How Much Scholarship Cover
Admission Only
- You Need Pay After Got Scholarship (RMB)
  • Tuition:  49,000 / Year
  • Accommodation: 750 to 1200 RMB per month
  • Living Expense: 600 to 3000 RMB per month
- Requirement
  • Applicant should be non-Chinese citizens holding a foreign passport under 50 years old. (Former Chinese citizens naturalized into other nationalities are required to provide certification of the cancellation of their Hukou and ID card; this certification should be issued by the Public Security Bureau.)
  • Master Program Applicant should hold a qualification which is equivalent to (or above) a Bachelor’s degree from a Chinese university.
- Application Documents

1. Application Form

Please upload your finished application form here.

2. Two photocopies of the first page of applicant’s passport

This must be a valid, ordinary passport.

3. Two passport-sized photos

With the name of the applicant and the school applied for written on the back.

4. An original or notarized copy of their undergraduate academic transcripts and bachelor’s degree certificate and graduation certificate (in English or Chinese)

5. Please submit any published academic papers, patents, or other academic achievements (originals or copies if applicant has)

6. English proficiency test certificate

Applicants who are non-native English speaker should provide a certificate of their English proficiency.

7. Two letters of recommendation

Recommendation letters from two associate professors or scholars with higher academic titles. There is no specified format for the recommendation letters and all letters must be signed by the referee.

8. Completed Personal Statement Form

Please download and print the form, this form should be signed by the applicant.

You can download a template or sample from here .
  • Step 1: Click "Apply Now" button below and pay scholarship service fee.

  • Step 2: Wait for the payment confirmation, then provide documents guidance. (including the application form)

  • Step 3: Submit documents and wait for result and admission documents (including admission letter, visa letter)
The info on this website is for reference only, university/program/scholarship are to be confirmed per each applicant, before application.
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