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Building Energy and Environment Engineering
- General Information

    This program named Heating, Ventilating, Air-conditioning and Gas Supply, which dedicates to post graduate education program in areas of built environment, building energy utilization, building service and facility, architectural technology, etc., aiming to innovatively train students for professions of teaching, research, design, management or high-end engineering practices. A student who successfully passes the required courses and thesis defense will be granted master’s or Ph.D degree. Currently there are 17 faculty members in this specialty, including six professors, six associate professors and five lectures or lab engineers. There are several international students who have studied or been studying in this specialty for master’s or doctoral degrees.

    Research directions

    Built environment

    Building energy utilization

    Building service and facility

    Architectural technology.

    Main Course

    Mandarin Basic, Introduction to Chinese Culture, Papers Writing and Academic Standards, Equations of Mathematical Physics, Numerical Analysis, Statistics, Nonlinear Analysis, Advanced Heat Transfer, Advanced Fluid Mechanics, Advanced engineering thermodynamics, Sustainable Building Design, Combined Heat and Power Design for Buildings, Optimal Operation and Control of HVAC System, Numerical Heat Transfer, Convective mass transfer, Heat Pump Modeling and Simulation, Modeling and Analysis of HVAC Systems, Building Energy Analysis and System Design, Indoor Environment and the Analysis Methods

    Cultivation Requirements

    Course Requirements

    The total course credits must be greater than 32, in which the credits for compulsory courses are not less than 21.

    Paper Requirements

    A student who applies the degree must get one paper published or accepted in a recognized journal as the first author or as the second author but with his/her supervisor as the first author. The paper topic should be relevant to his/her master’s thesis. The student’s affiliation presented in the paper should be DUT.


    Tuition Fee
    Master RMB 33,000 pre year
    RMB 99,000 in total (About $ 18,155)
    Accommodation Fee
    International Students Dormitory
    Double Room RMB 60 to RMB 600
    Single Room RMB 120 to RMB 900
    Other Fees
    Application Fee RMB 390 to RMB 810
    Service Fee USD 50
    Living Expense RMB 2,200 to RMB 2,800
- How Much Scholarship Cover
Admission Only
- You Need Pay After Got Scholarship (RMB)
  • Tuition:  33,000 / Year
  • Accommodation: 750 to 1200 RMB per month
  • Living Expense: 600 to 3000 RMB per month
- Requirement

1. Non-Chinese citizen
2. Age below 35 years old and in good health

- Application Documents

1. Application Form

Please upload your finished application form here.

2. Undergraduate transcript

3. Study plan

Study plan (on less than 800 words in English or Chinese)

4. Photocopy of valid passport

With name, passport number & expiration date, and photo included

5. Passport photo

A recent passport-sized photo of the applicant

6. Bachelor's degree diploma

Graduation certificate in languages other than Chinese or English should be translated into Chinese or English and be certified by notarization.

7. TOEFL or IELTS Certificate

or English-Medium certification issued by graduated university.

8. Two letters of recommendation

From associated professors or above.

  • Step 1: Click "Apply Now" button below and pay scholarship service fee.

  • Step 2: Wait for the payment confirmation, then provide documents guidance. (including the application form)

  • Step 3: Submit documents and wait for result and admission documents (including admission letter, visa letter)
The info on this website is for reference only, university/program/scholarship are to be confirmed per each applicant, before application.
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