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- General Information

    Core curriculum

    Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Administration, Management of Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmacoepidemiology.

    Teaching Objective

    The primary aim of the pharmacy undergraduate program is to provide the relevant knowledge and skills that are required for the entry into the pharmacy profession that deals with every aspect of medicines, ranging from the manufacture, the supply and the management of drug therapy.

    Future Career

    Students study core subjects in some basic sciences and course related to pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice, so that graduates can readily apply these fundamental principles to their future career in hospital service, healthcare practice, pharmaceutical industry and research.

    The program is available for both undergraduates and postgraduates, so that they would receive a complete and systematic training from the very beginning to the end. Besides, School of Pharmacy has set up a course structure special for the international students to meet their requirements.

    This program is taught by Tongji Medical College

    Undertaken by Tongji Medical College, this program aims at cultivating high-quality pharmacists capable of conducting research, manufacturing, quality control, and monitoring administration of drugs and their preparations. This program integrates the knowledge of humanities, information and computer science with that of pharmacy so as to broaden the cultivation of talents of good quality in pharmaceutical specialty. Currently, about 90 international students are studying in this program.

    Registed Date
    Registed Address
    International student Office,HUST,1037 LuoYu road, Hongshan district,Wuhan,Hubei 430074,P.R.China


    Tuition Fee
    Bachelor RMB 35,000 pre year
    RMB 140,000 in total (About $ 25,670)
    Accommodation Fee
    Bojingge Apartment
    Double Room RMB 5,000
    Hongjia, No. 2 Building
    Double Room RMB 5,000
    Friendship Apartment
    Double Room RMB 750
    Single Room RMB 900
    Studio RMB 900
    Huahong Apartment
    Double Room RMB 750
    Single Room RMB 900
    Studio RMB 900
    Tongyuan Apartment
    Double Room RMB 750
    Single Room RMB 900
    International Students Dormitory
    Double Room RMB 750
    Single Room RMB 900
    Other Fees
    Application Fee RMB 600
    Service Fee USD 50
    Living Expense RMB 1,600 to RMB 2,050
- How Much Scholarship Cover
Admission Only
- You Need Pay After Got Scholarship (RMB)
  • Tuition:  35,000 / Year
  • Accommodation: 750 to 1200 RMB per month
  • Living Expense: 600 to 3000 RMB per month
- Requirement
  • Non-Chinese Passport holders;
  • Be senior high school graduates or above;
  • Under the age of 30;
  • Good command of English;
  • TOEFL, GRE, IELTS or other official English test recognized by HUST.
- Application Documents

1. Application Form

Please upload your finished application form here.

2. Photocopy of valid passport

With name, passport number & expiration date, and photo included

3. Passport photo

A recent passport-sized photo of the applicant

4. High school academic transcript

5. High school graduate certificate or an official Certificate of Enrollment for the ones still on campus (clearly scanned color copies)

Graduation certificate in languages other than Chinese or English should be translated into Chinese or English and be certified by notarization.

6. English proficiency test certificate

TOEFL, GRE, IELTS or other official English test recognized by HUST.

7. Statement why you choose the program

  • Step 1: Click "Apply Now" button below and pay scholarship service fee.

  • Step 2: Wait for the payment confirmation, then provide documents guidance. (including the application form)

  • Step 3: Submit documents and wait for result and admission documents (including admission letter, visa letter)
The info on this website is for reference only, university/program/scholarship are to be confirmed per each applicant, before application.
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