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Mechanical Engineering
- General Information


    The history of the department can be traced back to 1932, when the study of automotive engineering began within the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Department of Automotive Engineering became an independent department in 1980. Over the past several decades, the Department of Automotive Engineering has secured its leading position in higher education and in China’s automotive industry and made it a center of automotive technology research and development in China. The department seeks to advance science and technology in the automobile industry through integration of fundamental professional knowledge and its application in automobile engineering. The department currently has 74 faculty and staff members, including 17 professors and 25 associate professors.


    Students should earn at least 26 degree credits from the following courses (about 9 courses) with a minimum of 17 coursework credits, excluding credits received for thesis work.

    (1) Language related courses(≥ 4 credits)

    Course Name Code Credits Exam Form
    Basic Chinese 60610162 2 Written Exam
    Chinese Culture and Society 60610082 2 Written Exam

    (2) Disciplinary course (≥22 credits)

    1) Obligatory course(≥2 credits)

    Course Name Code Credits Exam Form
    Literature review and topics report 69990021 1 review
    Academic Activities 69990031 1 review

    Students are demanded to take part in Academic Activities at least 10 times and make the record. Before the final presentation of degree thesis, students should hand in the report of Academic Activities with 500 words. After the supervisor checking the report of Academic Activities students can get the credit.

    2) Basic theory course (≥3 credits)
    Mathematics (written exam)

    3) Major course (≥10 credits)
    Students who apply for the master degree of Automotive Engineering should earn at least 10 credits from the courses of group V. Students who apply for the master degree of Power Machine and Engineering should earn at least 10 credits from the courses of group P.

    Course Name Group Code Credits Exam Form
    Automotive Engineering I V (70150153) 3 Written Exam
    Automotive Engineering II V (70150333) 3 Written Exam
    Vehicle Control Engineering V (70150113) 3 Written Exam
    Vehicle NVH (Noise/Vibrations/Harshness) V (80150173) 3 Written Exam
    Fundamentals of Lightweight Design V (70150133) 3 Written Exam
    Materials Selection in Mechanical Design V (80150122) 2 Written Exam
    Fundamentals of Automotive Crash Safety V (80150193) 3 Written Exam
    Internal Combustion Engines I P (70150203) 3 Written Exam
    Internal Combustion Engines II P (80150183) 3 Written Exam
    Alternative Vehicle Propulsion System P (80150162) 2 Written Exam
    Mechatronic Systems in Automotive Engineering P (70150163) 3 Written Exam

    V=Vehicle Engineering, P=Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics
    Students could also select some courses offered by other departments.


    Research work for the thesis is usually supervised by an associate professor or above. The Master degree requires completion of a thesis describing research of publishable quality. The thesis must be defended and appraised by a committee consisting of the advisor and at least two other faculty members in the Department of Automotive Engineering. The research area may be one of the following:

    • Automotive Passive Safety and Structural Design
    • Vehicle Dynamics and Active Safety Control
    • Electric Vehicle and New Powertrain
    • Electronic Control Technologies for Gasoline/Diesel Engines
    • Vehicle Vibration and Noise Control
    • Alternative Power-train System and Electric Vehicle
    • Automotive Engine Combustion and Emission Control
    • Automotive Styling Design and Body Engineering
    • Electronic Engine and Emission Control
    • Automotive Green Design and Manufacturing


    Tuition: RMB 39,000/year.

    Accidental Injury and Hospitalization Insurance: RMB 600/year.


    Tuition Fee
    Master RMB 39,000 pre year
    RMB 78,000 in total (About $ 14,305)
    Accommodation Fee
    Zijing Apartment
    Double Room RMB 40 to RMB 80
    Single Room RMB 80
    Other Fees
    Service Fee USD 150
    Living Expense RMB 2,200 to RMB 2,800
- How Much Scholarship Cover
Admission Only
- You Need Pay After Got Scholarship (RMB)
  • Tuition:  39,000 / Year
  • Accommodation: 750 to 1200 RMB per month
  • Living Expense: 600 to 3000 RMB per month
- Requirement

Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport. Applicants for master's degree programs should have a bachelor's degree

- Application Documents

1. Application Form

Please upload your finished application form here.

2. Photocopy of valid passport

With name, passport number & expiration date, and photo included

3. Passport photo

A recent passport-sized photo of the applicant

4. English proficiency test certificate

For example, IELTS or TOEFL, only for applicant whose native language is not English.

5. Two academic recommendation letters

From scholars of associate professorship or higher (must show referee’s phone number and email address on the letter)

6. Personal Statement

Personal Statement with the applicant's signature, written in Chinese or in English.

7. Resume

Written in Chinese or in English

8. Undergraduate school transcript

9. Bachelor's degree diploma

Graduation certificate in languages other than Chinese or English should be translated into Chinese or English and be certified by notarization.

  • Step 1: Click "Apply Now" button below and pay scholarship service fee.

  • Step 2: Wait for the payment confirmation, then provide documents guidance. (including the application form)

  • Step 3: Submit documents and wait for result and admission documents (including admission letter, visa letter)
The info on this website is for reference only, university/program/scholarship are to be confirmed per each applicant, before application.
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