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    Why competitive

    School of International Education of Wuhan University is a dedicated school for the Chinese language teaching and training. It is also one of the few centers for HSK examination and for the qualification examination for the teachers teaching Chinese language to foreigners in China. It has established undergraduate program of Chinese Language and non-degree Chinese training programs for international students,The School is also in charge of international students’ enrollment, administration and management. The School has a long history of international students’ enrollment and teaching, with abundant teaching experience and research outcomes. 31 regular teachers teaching Chinese to international students work together as a qualified professional team .There are 3 professors, 9 associate professors, which occupies 39%. There are 23 teachers who have got PhD. Degree and who are still studying for PhD. Degree, which occupies 74% .There are 25 teachers who have got the qualification certificates for the teachers teaching Chinese language to foreigners in China, which occupies 81%.The distribution of teachers age is reasonable. 6 teachers are at age of 41-60, which occupies 20% .25 teachers are under 40, which occupies 80%. 5 teachers are the members of the World Chinese Language Society for Foreigners and 21 teachers are the members of China’s Chinese Language Society for Foreigners. In addition to the regular teachers, the School has also recruited 20 part-time teachers, all of whom have senior professional titles. Many academicians of Chinese Language join the courses as the visiting professors.

    The School designs nearly 40 various specialized required courses and elective courses. The School has been improving the teaching method, teaching means, teaching modes and the curriculum design to the students from different countries accordingly, and encouraging the teachers to facilitate the teaching by the multi-media and many hi-tech means. Simultaneously the focus is on the study of pedagogy. During the instruction, the popularization of Chinese culture is emphasized on as more than 10 cultural courses are designed, which plays a significant role in cultivating foreign friends who will be familiar and friendly with China. In the teaching process the specific communication contexts, the interaction between teachers and students, the practical communication skills, and the social practice for Chinese acquisition inside and outside the classroom are focused. The regular academic salons are organized each semester, and some well-known professors majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language are invited to give lectures, which promotes teachers to analyze the teaching issues theoretically, summarize the teaching experience and explore the new teaching methodology.

    Based on Chinese language and culture, one integration and two levels in the education of a whole learner in accordance with the characteristics of the international students are formed. Integration means culture is also covered while language is taught. and vice versa. Two levels means the language-level courses, and culture and literature-level courses which have developed from elementary -intermediate ability to intermediate-advanced ability forming an intersectional system of knowledge to produce a famous brand of the undergraduate program in Chinese language and Chinese culture and develop a famous brand of undergraduates who will use and publicize Chinese language and culture in their future work and life in the world.

- How Much Scholarship Cover
- You Need Pay After Got Scholarship (RMB)
  • Tuition:  16,500 / Year
  • Accommodation: 750 to 1200 RMB per month
  • Living Expense: 600 to 3000 RMB per month
- Requirement
- Application Documents
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